Vibrant, breezy, electronica artist Dyllan shared a discordantly beautiful music video with us for her single, ‘One Of Us.’ The song is an intimate struggle on display, the kind that most of us will go through at one point or another and only some of us are strong enough to step away from
— Ariana Tibi, LADYGUNN
...the Los Angeles’ based artist brings us a tantalizingly decadent, and forbidding message of and for meaning in this microcosm infinitum. ‘One Of Us’ is a looping pastel juggernaut of beautiful vocals, tight production, and extraterrestrial incision for the unrevealingly dire.
— Come Here Floyd
‘One Of Us’ opens on dissonant colors topped by Dyllan’s soft, almost whispery voice, riding a syncopated beat supporting gleaming colors exuding tension and foreboding pressure. Echo-filled mirroring vocal harmonies infuse the lyrics with uneasy sonic reflections, delicate, allusive, and psychically proximate.
— Randall Radic, MEDIUM
DYLLAN uses her silvery tones to create a sorrowful mixture of experimental live and electronic instruments, with ear-worming repetitive hooks, entangling the listener within the capturing message in a bottle of ‘Walk Sideways’.
— Born Music