With her soft and silvery voice, mellow-yet-passionate compositions, and poetic and intimate lyrics...singer-songwriter DYLLAN has the potential to conquer many hearts.
— Patrick Wolff, The Deli Magazine


DYLLAN (Dylan Nichols) is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer. Her silvery sound developed from her initial prowess on acoustic guitar and voice. Her style developed further through her collaborations with violinists and electronic music artists. After over ten years of performing live, she has settled into a unique synergy of vast, rich textures while maintaining her relatable and intimate origins. Her work’s introspective nature allows the listener to identify with the struggle of being heard and the challenge to integrate dreams and reality.

DYLLAN released her debut EP, Acclimating in 2010. Her sophomore EP, Anything But Scared (2011) was produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson). She spent a year in Paris, where she connected with French artist THYLACINE. Their two cross-continental collaborations, “Distance” and “Closing” (feat. Dyllan) garnered much acclaim in the indie-electronic circuit.

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, Dyllan moved to Brooklyn, NY and immediately dove into her musical pursuits. Her collaboration with college friend and violinist-composer Dominick Boyle inspired both a return to her singer-songwriter roots and allowed her to rework her original material into a new sonic realm. Throughout 2015 they performed with drummer Aaron Hamel and by Spring 2016 they were in the studio with the help of producer Ian Sloane (Jordan Corey, Claire Alys). Dyllan’s single, “Sea Anemones” was featured on Tumblr Radar following an exclusive live session at their headquarters in NYC. Her EP, All Those Other Windows, released January 4th 2017.

On July 10th, Dyllan and Haute Mobile Disco released a rework of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al,” which they entitled, “Bodyguard.” The song had 34K streams over one week and broke the Hype Edit Top 100 Chart. KCRW DJs Chris Douridas and Valida have both spun the song.

On Valentine's Day, Dyllan and producer Hotwork released their cover of Kendrick Lamar's "LOVE." 

She released her first self-produced single, “Heartspace,” October 5th, 2018 and shortly thereafter a collaboration with XMeKate entitled, “Take Two,” both of which are available to stream everywhere.

Rising Los Angeles-based artist, DYLLAN, has dropped off an excellent cover of the original and teamed up with Haute Mobile Disco for this awesome re-edit entitled “Bodyguard.”

Wielding the original’s vocals and creating her own vibrant sound, DYLLAN’s vocals impress on this release and work wonderfully alongside Haute Mobile Disco’s instrumental which boasts smooth piano chords, strong drum tracks, and grooving guitar plucks that all unite together to create a chill, yet very effective house sound. This is an addicting release from DYLLAN and Haute Mobile Disco and an awesome way to start the week...
— Tracks For Days
Before I even hit play on this one I thought to myself – this is either going to blow my mind or completely suck...Luckily for everyone, this cover is immaculate. Dyllan serves up the perfect homage to the original track, with smooth vocal lines and flawless delivery of complex bars...This interpretation has a life all of its own and deserves your undivided attention.
— XuneMag